Always one Trouble-maker

Jaq, keepin’ it real. Yo.

There’s always one trouble-maker. This one is mine.

Traditionally, we take down all of our holiday decorations before mid-night on New Year’s Eve. Because we party hard out here. It’s lucky, or good karma, or superstition. I do like the feeling of clearing away the remnants of the old year before the new one starts. Take out the trash, the recycling, do the laundry and leave behind everything we don’t need to bring forward.

Every, every year there’s one thing over-looked, left-over, and not found until too late.   All the traditional luck, is it spoiled because this one tiny Jaq didn’t make it into the box? And, the dilemna now stands, what does one do with a tiny, left-over Jaq, on Jan 6, when all his other mice friends are well and truly packed away, along with nutcrackers, stars, bells, Pooh, Tigger, and the whole crew.

There’s always something, isnt there. Perfection isn’t everything though and there is something to be said for sanity. I think I’ll keep Jaq around for the year to remind me to aim high and still accept the astounding imperfections of life.

Jaq, keepin’ it real. Yo.


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