A Magical Adventure

It sounded like a good idea back in August. Escape the bitter cold of January for a week in Disney World. It’s a magical destination and an opportunity to spend time with the family and 60 plus members of the High School Marching Band. Who doesn’t like a chance to see palm trees in January. It was to make for a nice change from real life. We took a chance and signed up.

We’ve been here three days and it has been extraordinary. The weather is sunny and bright though much cooler than I packed for. In fact, the weather is what we’ve been discussing at length.  It’s all over the news, a massive blizzard is poised to hit the entire East Coast. It’s due to hit the day we are scheduled to fly back to real life.

We’re already changing schedules, conserving resources, and keeping it flexible. Real life has intruded with a vengeance, on our Magical Adventure. This was supposed to be a break from harsh reality. We were only supposed to have to organize students, keep them occupied, fed, and out of trouble. We were only going to have to enjoy the weather and one another’s company. We were supposed to rest, have fun, and eat good food.

In fact, now I come to think about it, our scheduled plans for this Magical Adventure sound more and more like real life.  We keep our families organized and safe, enjoy good company, rest and deal with whatever the weather brings. Same life, different location.

Maybe, real life is a Magical Adventure. Most of us just have to live it without Roller Coasters and Palm Trees. Good friends make up for it, though.

Stay safe, friends.




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