Change of Plan

Winter Storm Jonas sounds like the East Coast is under threat from an angry Teen Boy Band. However, the satellite images look sobering. A massive deeply colored band of snow is poised to move across the region. Forecasts of snow accumulation begin to count 12 inches, then 24 inches, then 30 and more. Blizzard conditions are coming and the region prepares.

I should add that I’m watching these satellite images 900 miles from home, while drinking morning coffee in Orlando, Fl. We spend a few hours sending instructions to our farm sitter, and hope for the best.We intrepid travelers arrived here with the High School Marching Band. The Band came with uniforms, instruments, and the intent to Parade down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. We all saved for months and worked to raised all the funds for this trip.

There’s an odd duality in watching the blizzard from our resort cafe. Relief at dodging the intensity of the storm along with regret at missing this shared experience. On the day Jonas thundered across our home town, we explored the Magic Kindgom and finished the day sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the light show at the Epcot Center. Because, when a blizzard cancels your flight, you change your plans. We are all at the mercy of this Angsty Teenage Blizzard.

We know ahead there will be shoveling, salting, and the risks of driving home from the airport in tricky conditions once we are able to fly north. Today, we apply sunscreen, walking shoes, and play Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom. We find all the hidden portals and use our spell cards to defeat Evil Jafar in his plans to take over the Magic Kingdom with a crystal shard.

Secret Portal in Magic Kingdom

Changing your plans isn’t giving up or giving in. It means understanding limits and accepting a new set of challenges. If those challenges include the ridiculous joy of a scavenger hunt and spell cards at Disney World before heading home to ice and snow. That’s fine with me.

Bring it on.




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