Beware, Icy Conditions

There’s a trick to walking on ice. You want to keep your feet under you, you have to take your time. You must take short steps and avoid hitting with your heel first. The best way to make progress is with a sort of sliding shuffle. The ice can be tricky, but the ground is your friend. Keep it close.

You have to avoid sudden movements and quick changes of direction so you’ve got to know where you’re going. If you do change your mind, come to a stop, and then slide into your new trajectory. This gives you a moment to breath and to be sure of your new direction. You can’t move quickly, but you will make progress and remain verticle.

Don’t let yourself get rattled by other people you see striding confidently; their sidewalk has been salted. Your sidewalk is icy, you move slowly, shuffling, and take your time. It is, after all, your time. Only you know what kind of ice lies under your feet.

There’s a trick to walking on ice. The first step is to know when you are standing on ice.


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