Iron Mama

I’ve been stuck in the house most of the Winter and, like many, I’ve turned more and more often to a guilty pleasure. You know the one I mean. They call it Food Porn. Cooking Shows. They come with impossible standards, only attainable by professionals with lighting teams, makeup artists, and an army to do the prep work and washing up afterwards. I know it’s bad for me. I’m ashamed to admit but I tune in and lustfully admire the creative recipes, the beautifully-prepared ingredients, and the final artistically-crafted presentations. Continue reading “Iron Mama”


Monkey Business

While browsing Netflix the other day, I found a show about paranormal home inspectors. Curious, I gave it a try. The premise is, if you think your house is haunted and you can call this show. You give the host a tour and list your paranormal complaints. They send in three different teams of experts to investigate.

Continue reading “Monkey Business”