Monkey Business

While browsing Netflix the other day, I found a show about paranormal home inspectors. Curious, I gave it a try. The premise is, if you think your house is haunted and you can call this show. You give the host a tour and list your paranormal complaints. They send in three different teams of experts to investigate.

The first team inside is a standard home inspector who investigates your claims; lights turning off and on, water running unexpectedly, strange sounds, shadows, or smells. He pokes around and finds a host of physical explanations for your complaints and gives recommendations for repairs.

The second team is prefessional psychic who spends time in the house and communicates her findings, lingering spirits or residual energy, to explain your activity. The third team is a group of paranormal investigators with scientific equipment to capture and document evidence of your haunting.

During my own investigation of only three episodes of this program, I noted that each team ALWAYS found evidence ONLY in their area of expertise.  The standard home inspector never saw a shadow, the paranormal team never identified a loose window frame, and the psychic never identified an uneven stair or loose floorboard.

My point is, and I do have one, not whether each team in this particular show was skilled in their work. I’m sure they were honestly investigating and reporting their findings. My point is, bear with me, we see what we’re looking for. We only see what we expect to see. It’s the monkey business basketball effect.

We are all succeptable; we can’t help it. Whether we’re looking for terrorists in a group of refugees, a criminal in a hoodie-wearing black teen, or a bomber with olive skin. You look for, we look for, and find evidence that supports our preconceptions.

If we can start looking at, and seeing, one another with no expectations; we might see a different world. What if we expected to see the best in one another? Imagine what we’d see if we change the way we look, change what we expect to see.


What if that Paranormal Show gave each of their teams a blank clipboard and the key to the house. What if we all started fresh, tomorrow, with our own blank clipboard and the key to a new future?

In the end, I turned off the TV and went outside with the dogs. They always expect rabbits.


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