Carrying On

image Photo Credit: Anita Bowen Photography

The weight of grief, of bitterness, of anger, and of trauma are heavy. Too heavy to carry for long. And yet, we hold tight to them.  Releasing the burden and  walking away is unthinkable. We’ve grown accustomed to the weight of our pain.

How beautiful it would be to unburden and to leave it behind like setting down a heavy stone carried too long. We might place it gently, carefully, and with reverence. We could rest it atop a previous traveler’s discarded burden. Each wanderer might then set another stone, another grief, on top of the next until we each walk more lightly.

We might build a monument to sadness borne and released. Our rage, hurt, and trauma honored but no longer our heavy load.

How might it feel to let go and to carry on?





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