‘Don’t Piss Off The Fairies’, reads the sign.

It’s good advice, and sound advice

until you realize you’ve no idea

what might annoy a Garden Fairy

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The Slow Road

The Buddhist Temple is just about a mile down the road from my house. About a year ago, I was tickled to be invited to join a Saturday morning meditation group. I was nervous at first that I’d do it wrong, somehow and find myself voted out of the Temple. But, apart from the aches of sitting cross-legged on my aging body, I quite enjoy the peace, appreciate the hour or so, unplugged and unavailable. I’veĀ been an on and off regular, ever since my first foray into Buddhism–sometimes, life and outside obligations interfere with inner peace.

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imagePhoto Credit: Anita Bowen Photography

“Well,” She thought, “The Great Zebra Migration of 2016 was smaller than expected.”

Some days are full of surprise; remember to look.