Its a useful thing, perspective.

Without it, all we can see is where we are. We can’t tell where we’ve been nor even where we might be heading.

We could just keep on in the same direction, doing the same thing, hoping it’s progress. We can keep making good time in the wrong direction.

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Running Through the Night

Earlier tonight, the full moon reflecting off the river water in the park. A wild dash toward a rumored Vulpix. Two young men ask what we’re after as we rush past.

“Vulpix,” we pant, “Over by the Library.”

They join in the hunt.

“What team are you?” We gasp,

“Team After-The-Vulpix.” Was their perfect answer. “Go Team Vulpix!” We shouted and picked up speed, laughing.

Color is irrelevant when you run together through the night.

We are all, in the end, after the Vulpix. We are all running together, running through the night.