Campfire Tales

Faces drift through the clouds;

Ancient gods walk among the stars.

Our hearts are still

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Notes from the Basement

Here are 10 things I discovered in my basement, today.
1. My basement has monster spiders.
2. I don’t always wear shoes in the house.
3. I don’t often carry my cell phone when I take raspberries to the downstairs freezer.

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Dawn Breezes

Coffee with cream,

steaming into dawn as

a sweet breeze sifts my hair.

Eyes closed in stillness

I hear the ocean in these rustling, rustling leaves

as if the trees speak in the language of waves.

And I wonder if, instead

it’s the ocean calling with the voices of trees.

As the rising steam moves softly sideways and away

I imagine these trees speaking of the shore


the ocean dreams of the forest.

And coffee with cream

shifts the waves

of morning leaves.



forestcheckPhoto Credit: Anita Bowen Photography