Welcome to my family’s mini-farm in Western Maryland. My Loving Husband is a Research Chemist; I am a Teacher and Writer. You wouldn’t think this could work. Most days, we manage to meet somewhere in the middle of Science and Art, of sense and nonsense.

We share our small farm-house with a variety of dogs, young adults, and small animals. I’m often found searching the internet for dogs and hedgehogs to adopt and I can stop anytime I want.

The way I see it, life is full of both sense and nonsense. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which but it helps if you can see the humor in both. It’s up to us to make some sense out of our own lives, up to us to find some meaning in the everyday.

That’s all we have with each other, after all. Every day.

I invite you to read some of my observations on the everyday in my corner of the planet.


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