Late Winter Dreams

We’re all anxious for Spring to get here already. With snow on the ground and grey skies above, it seems like she’ll never arrive. We’re so tired of the grey and dull shades of Wintertime.

We forget that Spring is already on her way. We forget that she won’t be hurried.

Like the tide coming in, like snow piling up, like sunrise, Spring is on her way.

The tide turns with with one small wave, a blizzard begins with a few small flakes on the chill breeze, and the sunrise starts in darkness.

Spring is on her way.


Willows are one of the first trees to burst into leaf in the early Spring. This one already has swelling green buds on her trailing branches. She stands in snow with grey skies above. But you can tell, she’s dreaming of Spring.

Spring is on her way, just ask the Willow.


The Valentine Bust

Universe--sad heart

I ruined Valentine’s Day with Chocolate.

It was the night before Valentine’s Day when I decided to make Home-made, low sugar, muffin tin Peanut Butter Cups. I even used cute pink and red muffin tin liners. It seemed like good idea at the time.

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Navigating by the Sun

All directions meet in your hand. Open it and read the compass you hold.


until you’re sure which direction you face, there is no knowing

Are you watching a sunrise or the sun set. It matters, you see.

Are we moving, now, into a fresh day

or a long, dark night.

So, read the compass with care.

Either way, change is coming.



universe-sunsetwaterPhoto Credit: Anita Bowen Photography

The Clean Sweep

Legends tell of a people who are naturally organized; their homes are consistently neat and tidy. They have a designated place for all of their things. In these remarkable homes locating keys, phones, and that other shoe takes no time at all. I’ve seen these homes on TV and heard they exist in real life. In these homes all the rooms are clean at the same time. I’m a little jealous of these people.

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The Coming Storm


The dark clouds climb in the distance. And there’s time. There’s time to hustle down the ridge ahead of the rising wind. Time to get inside before the path gets slick and turns dangerous.

But, there’s also time to find a firm place to stand and face the coming winds and driving rains. Time to stay and to shout into the raging storm.

It’s time to chose where to stand as the thunder rolls in.


Photo Credit: Anita Bowen Photography