Strawberry Moon

My trouble with with painting the moon

is that even full moon light changes

all the colors in my pallet

to grey and to black. Continue reading “Strawberry Moon”


Who Needs Pockets?

Why does the fashion industry hate on women so much. I wish I knew because I’m down to one single pair of good-ish shorts and two pairs of paint-stained cut-offs.  I’m looking for a few pairs of new shorts and, maybe a new pair of jeans. Right. Continue reading “Who Needs Pockets?”

Running Through the Night

Earlier tonight, the full moon reflecting off the river water in the park. A wild dash toward a rumored Vulpix. Two young men ask what we’re after as we rush past.

“Vulpix,” we pant, “Over by the Library.”

They join in the hunt.

“What team are you?” We gasp,

“Team After-The-Vulpix.” Was their perfect answer. “Go Team Vulpix!” We shouted and picked up speed, laughing.

Color is irrelevant when you run together through the night.

We are all, in the end, after the Vulpix. We are all running together, running through the night.


Iron Mama

I’ve been stuck in the house most of the Winter and, like many, I’ve turned more and more often to a guilty pleasure. You know the one I mean. They call it Food Porn. Cooking Shows. They come with impossible standards, only attainable by professionals with lighting teams, makeup artists, and an army to do the prep work and washing up afterwards. I know it’s bad for me. I’m ashamed to admit but I tune in and lustfully admire the creative recipes, the beautifully-prepared ingredients, and the final artistically-crafted presentations. Continue reading “Iron Mama”

Monkey Business

While browsing Netflix the other day, I found a show about paranormal home inspectors. Curious, I gave it a try. The premise is, if you think your house is haunted and you can call this show. You give the host a tour and list your paranormal complaints. They send in three different teams of experts to investigate.

Continue reading “Monkey Business”

Hold it right there

My call is important, insists the cheerful hold lady. Friendly Customer Service Representatives are currently helping other customers, she chirps.  She then assures me that my call will be answered in the order in which it was received. After a pause, she helpfully adds that, Friendly Customer Service Representatives will be with me in 10 to 15 minutes. My call may be monitored for training purposes. Continue reading “Hold it right there”

Shopping Nightmare

I’m a hunt and kill shopper. I don’t wander or browse through stores poking around for whatever catches my eye. I arrive with a list of my targets; I’m in and out as fast as possible. It’s a surgical strike with no time to waste on distractions.  This time, I have just one item on my list: cross-training shoes– my old ones were worn down at  the heels and have thrown my back out once too often. Time for replacements. Continue reading “Shopping Nightmare”