Wait, What just happened?

It’s not that I’m disappointed because my candidate didn’t win. My candidates have lost before, several times. I never before experienced the intense grief I’ve been wrestling with since I awoke on Wednesday, November 9. I never before felt the need to attend a prayer vigil following any election, as if someone had died.image

I’ve  been thinking about what, exactly, is the source of this nauseous rage. It’s not that my candidate lost. It’s that this election cycle has uncovered the seedy underbelly of my country in a way that none other has. The extreme, and apparently acceptable, level of violence against women, against people of color, against the LGBT community, and the disabled is absolutely horrifying. hatecrime5 Continue reading “Wait, What just happened?”


Object Permanence

Photo Credit: Anita Bowen Photography

16_06_UniverseCheck.-8Let’s try to remember one of the first lessons we all learned. The sense that even though we can’t see it, it’s not gone.

The unseen exists.

We all carry things, invisible but present. Scars, hidden out of sight; wounds, unhealed.   We all shed tears, under our smiles.

Of course, we do.  We’re good at masks, at covering up the unseen but present.

Object permanence.

Let’s remember and be gentle with one another.





Stalking in the Produce Aisle

I admit it.

I might have been following the couple through the grocery store and overhearing their conversation just a little bit. I was totally casual and not-at-all creepy about it. I had to find out how their story ended. It started in the produce section as the wife picked out a bag of oranges and I lurked near the potatoes.

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Its a useful thing, perspective.

Without it, all we can see is where we are. We can’t tell where we’ve been nor even where we might be heading.

We could just keep on in the same direction, doing the same thing, hoping it’s progress. We can keep making good time in the wrong direction.

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Running Through the Night

Earlier tonight, the full moon reflecting off the river water in the park. A wild dash toward a rumored Vulpix. Two young men ask what we’re after as we rush past.

“Vulpix,” we pant, “Over by the Library.”

They join in the hunt.

“What team are you?” We gasp,

“Team After-The-Vulpix.” Was their perfect answer. “Go Team Vulpix!” We shouted and picked up speed, laughing.

Color is irrelevant when you run together through the night.

We are all, in the end, after the Vulpix. We are all running together, running through the night.