Snow Day

There’s a kind of relief in a snow day.

Some finely frosted hand erases every line of

have-to-do’s and leaves behind a clean whiteboard,

an empty page, free of lists, and of plans.

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Shopping Nightmare

I’m a hunt and kill shopper. I don’t wander or browse through stores poking around for whatever catches my eye. I arrive with a list of my targets; I’m in and out as fast as possible. It’s a surgical strike with no time to waste on distractions.  This time, I have just one item on my list: cross-training shoes– my old ones were worn down at  the heels and have thrown my back out once too often. Time for replacements. Continue reading “Shopping Nightmare”

Change of Plan

Winter Storm Jonas sounds like the East Coast is under threat from an angry Teen Boy Band. However, the satellite images look sobering. A massive deeply colored band of snow is poised to move across the region. Forecasts of snow accumulation begin to count 12 inches, then 24 inches, then 30 and more. Blizzard conditions are coming and the region prepares.

I should add that I’m watching these satellite images 900 miles from home, while drinking morning coffee in Orlando, Fl. We spend a few hours sending instructions to our farm sitter, and hope for the best. Continue reading “Change of Plan”

A Magical Adventure

It sounded like a good idea back in August. Escape the bitter cold of January for a week in Disney World. It’s a magical destination and an opportunity to spend time with the family and 60 plus members of the High School Marching Band. Who doesn’t like a chance to see palm trees in January. It was to make for a nice change from real life. We took a chance and signed up.

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How’s that, again?


I’m loitering in the shower while waiting for my deep conditioning treatment to finish deeply conditioning my hair.  The warm water is just beginning to loosen a knot in my back. As I wait for both my back and my hair to relax, I begin to organize the bottles on our tiny shower shelf. It’s hard to read in the shower, it turns out. Continue reading “How’s that, again?”

Always one Trouble-maker

Jaq, keepin’ it real. Yo.

There’s always one trouble-maker. This one is mine.

Traditionally, we take down all of our holiday decorations before mid-night on New Year’s Eve. Because we party hard out here. It’s lucky, or good karma, or superstition. I do like the feeling of clearing away the remnants of the old year before the new one starts. Take out the trash, the recycling, do the laundry and leave behind everything we don’t need to bring forward.

Every, every year there’s one thing over-looked, left-over, and not found until too late. Continue reading “Always one Trouble-maker”

Howdy Bub: It is what you think

For My Grandmother

She was born Theodora Putnam Downing; her family instantly named her Bimby. She loved her friends and her family fiercely and delightedly–but not, ever on the phone. Talking with Bimby on the phone went pretty much like this.

“Hello? Oh, it’s good of you to call. I’ll call you next time. Bye.”

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